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image Building Resilient Neighbourhoods In the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Project, we’re working together to increase the capacity of citizens to find new paths for taking collective action on shared priorities in the capital region. Read More
image Capital Nut Project The Capital Nut Project is a major action project of the Victoria Transition Food Group. Our goal is to support the planting, care, and maintenance of edible nut trees on public and private land throughout the region. Read More
imageTransition Streets A Transition Street is a place where neighbours have reduced their household costs and their energy use. It is a place where people are taking steps to transition toward greater self-reliance, at the same time as they are finding ways to live in balance with the world’s diminishing resources. And they are doing it together. Read More
image Economy Group The Transition Victoria Economy Group brings together those interested in reinventing a local economy that serves the interests of people and the planet first. Read More

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